Business Start-up & Succession

Why Outsource Accounting Services?

The path to entrepreneurship has its challenges. We know that starting a new business requires adequate research and planning. You’ll spend lots of time deciding the best ways to run the business. Our comprehensive service for startups includes bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, and tax filings.

We’ll give you one less thing to worry about when running a startup. Outsourcing accounting services allow you to focus on building your business. The process of running a business involves so many activities that you do on your own. As you try to handle the administrative tasks, make sure the financial records are properly maintained. You probably don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to handle any paperwork or accounting. Before things pile up and it becomes too much to handle, call an accountant to help ensure your small business is running effectively.

Competitive Prices for Every Startup

We know that most startups struggle to raise enough funds to keep the business going. That’s why Mikael Enterprises Inc offers very reasonable packages for entrepreneurs. Our Chartered Professional Accountant allows you to access high-level accounting and tax compliance services without investing in a fully-fledged accounting department. We know that businesses and individuals also want to achieve huge savings when filing taxes. We have just the right Chartered Professional Accountant with experience in offering solutions for startups.

We can always customize a unique package that suits your needs. If you feel like you can benefit more from a pay-as-you-go option, we’ll be ready to offer this too. Each accounting or taxation service is priced individually so that we’re able to address your specific requirements. For instance, some of our clients do their own books but need us to file returns. Others want to save time and money by handing over their payroll activities to our firm. We’re glad to be the go-to accounting professional for startups all over Toronto. Just let us know how we can help you to fulfill your needs by handling all the numbers. We promise to always offer you a cost-effective and timely service.

Are you looking for ways to ensure your startup meets its goals? Mikael Enterprises Inc helps entrepreneurs to transform a simple business idea into a success by taking care of all the Toronto accounting and taxation matters. We have a great track record of helping startups especially

Save Time and Focus on Business Growth

Startups need to focus on client acquisition, customer support, and delivery more than anything. We offer bookkeeping and accounting services so you can spend more time building your business. Our CPA Accounting Firm can come with just the right resources to provide you with accurate and efficient service. By taking advantage of our full-service accounting department, you can reduce operational costs by up to 60%. We’ll follow Canadian standards and accounting principles and recommend the best solutions to address your needs.