Business Advisory

At Mikael Enterprises Inc, we are familiar with the incorporation laws and can help you in deciding the type of incorporation that will be most beneficial for your business activities. Our business incorporation services are available to business owners throughout Mikael Enterprises Inc and in Toronto, Oakville, and Mississauga.


Financial Statements

Financial statements must be prepared by a professional who has the skill and experience in accounting. A CPA knows how to present financial information in a coherent and logical format. These financial statements are also prepared following certain basic principles of accounting in order to not only display an accurate position of the business but also to allow readers to better understand the document. Experts always ensure that information is present in accordance with the required guidelines so that the financial position of the business is correctly presented without giving an opinion of the assurance to the readers. Whether the statements are required for internal purposes or to gather the information that will be presented to third parties, they need to be properly prepared. You need a CPA in Toronto to prepare your statements.

Trust & Estate Planning

Trust and estate planning must be done with tax implications in mind. After all, you want your beneficiaries to get the most of your wealth and not the taxman. Make Mikael Enterprises Inc your estate planning partner to help you ensure that most of your money is preserved for the future.